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Scott Stabbert created the event Club Meeting!

1 month ago

Scott Stabbert created the event March Club Meeting @ Issaquah Rogue Brewery

The March club meeting will be @ 7:00 pm in the meeting room at the Rogue Brewery in Issaquah.  Come and join us!  You can meet some fellow pilots, talk flying, and enjoy several presentations.  We'll be talking about several regional fly-ins such as the Oceanside Open as well as the Chelan Sprint.  This is an entry level competition for recreational pilots that will take place the week before the US Nationals in Chelan.  If you're interested in learning to fly distance, this will be a great opportunity to learn a whole new side of paragliding!



Scott Stabbert created the event Oceanside Open

The Oceanside Open is one of the best fly-ins of the season.  Oceanside is on the Oregon coast and is an easy P2 site where you can fly off a friendly bluff and soar over the ocean, landing on huge beaches.  Several people will typically rent a house and share out the bedrooms.  If you haven't flow other sites, Oceanside is a super fun way to spread your wings. If you're interested, come, come to the March club meeting and we'll talk about the open and hook you up with others heading down if you like. 



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