Best Fly-In Party of the Year!

Please join us at the annual Women's Fly-In and Party, Chelan, Washington, Oct 27-28 2018

The Women's Fly-In has always been one of the best fly-in parties of the year, and your presence will help make it so again this year. Time to put together your costume and tweak your chili recipe. Chelan is beautiful this time of year with autumn colors and salmon in the river as you fly over on the way to the LZ. Even if the flying conditions aren't perfect, it is usually sunny and warm and there's always wine tasting in the many winerys of the Chelan / Manson area. Come join your fellow pilots for the last Fly-In of the year.

Women's Fly-In 'courtesy rules' for guys

  • Women are the Queens of the Sky
  • Men drive
  • Women launch first
  • Men may be asked to be Wind Dummies. (Many women do not understand how this is a special distinction this weekend...)
  • Men are to set up and fold / break down women's gliders
  • Men are to find areas of lift, and leave the area as necessary to make room for women
Hope to see you all there!
  • The Women's fly-in is a 25+ year celebration of the women pilots we're proud to fly with.
  • For this weekend, men fluff and fold the women's wings, stand aside as they launch, and in general bend to their capricious bidding. The men will then pretend this only happens 2 days a year.
  • This is also a Bi-Wingal affair and we're expecting a strong turnout of the hang community. Paragliders and Hang Gliders sharing the sky in peace a harmony. What could be better?!
  • Flying in costume is rewarded with bonus points for the costume party.Fabulous prizes WILL BE awarded! Flying costumes must not occlude vision and that they should allow the pilots’ legs to move freely so as not to impede safe launches, flight and landings.
  • Saturday night costume party and pot luck at the Pilot's Lounge, Chelan airport
  • The very famous People's Choice Chili Cook-Off Contest
  • The almost as famous Desert Contest
  • Music, dancing, bonfire, beer and wine provided by NWPC
Prizes awarded for:
  • ... Best male/female costumes
  • ... Best couple's costume theme,
  • ... and of course, the traditional Best Buns on the Butte
  • ... as well as for the flying competition points

Why you should come...

This is one of the best attended and coolest flying parties of the year. If you have never flown Chelan, this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with this world class site in P2 friendly fall conditions. Check in is at the landing zone at the easy to find Chelan Falls park right on the Columbia river. It's common to see salmon swimming as you come in for a landing at the park. We have the entire soccer field and large shelter reserved for the weekend, and the Pilots Lounge reserved for the party Saturday night. Chelan this time of year is typically fine for all pilots P2 and above.

Saturday Evening Party

Dinner is a pot-luck, with the annual Chili Cook-off, providing the main course. It's a good opportunity to show off your favorite chili recipe. We'll also have a desert competition. Everyone votes and prizes will be awarded for the best chili and the best desert. Please bring something to share. The Northwest Paragliding Club will provide beer, wine, music and decor!

Chili Cook-Off Competition


VOTING: 7:00 P.M. – 8:30 P.M . Winners Announced 9:00 PM
What is People's Choice Chili? People's Choice Chili (PCC) is judged only by the people. There are no other judges, only a Chili Chief. PCC must contain beans or other fillers. The chili with the most votes becomes the winner. If you have the most chili and friends at the cook-off, you might get the most votes! Final tip: chili cooks are known to stretch the truth, many will tell people what their secret ingredients are but I don't think they really use road kill, or rattle snake, or gun powder.

How much chili and what kind of judging?

We recommend a minimum of 6 quarts be available for the tasting.
Attendees will cast their votes for their favorite chili by depositing "Official Ballets" in two "Voting Containers" that we will supply. Whoever gets the most votes wins! Winner will receive a great prize and bragging rights. Remember no voting til 7 PM. Remember, the crowd is your only judge! You can be as creative as you want in attracting the crowd and getting votes! Enjoy and HAVE FUN!!

Cooking Rules

  • A minimum of 6 quarts of chili is recommended.
  • Chili must be cooked prior to arriving the day of the cook-off.
  • Be prepared from scratch (no commercial chili mixes)
  • Only edible ingredients may be used.
  • Be prepared in a sanitary manner.
  • You must be willing to taste your own chili.
  • Chili must be kept at least 140 degrees and covered with a lid when not serving.

General Rules and Regulations

  1. The Contestant will be responsible for furnishing their cooking means (propane or electric). No wood or coal burning allowed. No generators allowed. Electricity will be provided.
  2. The club will furnish spoons and cups to be used for public judging.
  3. All supplies and equipment are the responsibility of the contestants.
  4. The decision of the judges will be final.
  5. Contestants are encouraged, not required, to name their chili & decorate their cooking area to best reflect that name.
  6. This chili cook-off is for cooks who just want to have fun and be recognized for their superb culinary skills. Let your hair down!!
  7. Dress to Impress!!!!!


    Brining an entry for the chili contest?  Please let us know to help with party planning at

    History of the Women's Fly-In

    The Women's Fly-In has been a yearly tradition since 1991.  It started as a chance for women to get together and enjoy some away time from their male pilot counterparts.  However, a few enterprising men crashed the party dressed in drag, and a tradition was born.  For some fun history and pictures of this great event, check out this post on the club blog.

    Quickie Questions and Answers

    Question: Where do we stay?
    Answer: While it is typically dry and comfortable in Chelan during the day, it does get cold at night. There are camps if you have an RV and any hotel/motel in Chelan will do great. Since its the off season, rates are pretty reasonable.
    Question: What is the cost?
    Answer: $30 for pilots and $15 for guests goes to support our flying sites. Register at the Chelan Falls soccer field/LZ or at the Party Saturday night. Proceeds from this event go to enhance and maintain the flying at Chelan Butte and Saddle Mountain. The Chelan flying community is small and the work and expense of keeping this world-class flying site open is huge. So for those of us from west of the mountains who love flying the Butte and Saddle, these funds are put to very good use maintaining roads, providing and improving camping at the airport, mowing LZ's, paying for porta potties, maintaining local community relations, and dealing with land owners. Both the Butte and Saddle are beautiful flying sites and the money is well spent.
    Question: Do I have to wear a costume?
    Answer: I'll say yes cause it's WAY more fun, but we won't send you home if you come boring.
    Question: How do we get up the hill?
    Answer: There will be a number of cars driving. It is customary to throw a fiver to the driver to help with gas and thank them for their selfless dedication as they drive back down the hill while we take the more scenic route. 

    Remember to pay your driver $5 for each ride up and also remind those you ride with to take care of your driver.
    If you plan to drive, ensure you have a shovel and fire extinguisher in your car.
    Question: What are the party details for Saturday night?
    Answer: Location is the Pilot's Lounge, at the Lake Chelan Airport, right in town. Set up starts at 6pm, and we kick things off at 7 starting with the chili cook off! While the chili cook-off and dessert contest provides some of the main course, this is a pot luck. Bring something fun to share. There will be music, beer and wine provided. Warning! Do not come at yourself! This is a costume party after all!
    Question: Do you need any help or prize donations?
    Answer: Oh yea! Extra hands always are super appreciated! We'll also need some drivers to get up to launch, some help with party setup and tear down (a little on Saturday, and more Sunday morning), as well as some helpers for registration and a few other details. Would you like to help? We'll love you forever if you do! Finally, we're looking for great prizes to award. Do you have something you could donate? For any of the above, please email and we'll get you connected!
    Question: I want to participate in the Chili Cook Off. What do I need to know?
    Answer: Awesome! First, let us know at the link below so we know who is cooking. We recommend 6 quarts minimum. You must NAME your chili. They cannot be store bought canned. These must be your handiwork. To let us know you are going to bring an entry for the cook off, please email

    Any Other Questions?

    Drop us an email and we'll get back to you!