Baldy Butte (Permanently Closed)

Basic Stats

Baldy Launch
Elevation:  3,225 MSL at summit
GPS Cooridinates: 46º47'53.77"N  120º25'47.76"W

Baldy Landing Zone
Elevation:  1,250 MSL at river
GPS Coordinates: 46º48'55.03"N  120º27'5.91"W 

Membership Requirements: The Butte is a privately-owned site.


· Dust devils can occur on this site so hook-ins should only occur when ready to launch

· Thunderstorms can build quickly in this region so be prepared if flying XC by getting a current weather forecast before flying

· Baldy “bullets” occur during high pressure days. These are strong turbulent thermals that release from the ground so fly actively at all times

 Baldy Butte is the highest point along
the Umtanum Ridge.

Flying north towards Baldy's LZ with the Yakima river in the background  
photo by Mike Bomstad



Updated July 13th 2022

The Butte is a privately owned site previously available to members of NWPC through a site use agreement.  The agreement has expired and we do not have permission to fly this site.


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